Saturday, August 21, 2010

Creative Soul and Travelogue (and GSO again!)

You just gotta give it to Rach for always coming up with such interesting and fun names for her kits! :)

My friend Rachelle (Rachness Designs/Doodelle) has two new kits out in her store at MScraps, and they are truly stunning. Both kits are full of unique elements and most of them hand-drawn by Rach herself. If you are a fan, as I am, you wouldn't want to miss them!

The first one is Creative Soul. I just loooooooove all the fun elements in this one! You've got a whole lot of paint splats, brush strokes, drawn frames, doodles, and a bunch of other art-related stuff to create your own art with. Endless possibilities here.

You can also buy the element pack seperately, if you want to.

With my super-duper hectic schedule, I haven't got round to making a layout with this fantastic kit just yet. But I will very soon! Until then, please visit Rach's blog as well as Indy's to all the stunning pages from Creative Soul. Indy has something special waiting for you there too. :)

* * * * *

This second kit, Travelogue -- just hit the store today and on sale at 20% off! -- is made especially for my family (or so it seems to me LOL!) uh.. no.. I mean... the travellers. :D Like one of the word arts in the kit said, the kit is perfect for when you are "..going on a trip, to take a break and see what the world has to offer."

It is also available as an Element Pack, also 20% off.

For this layout, I chose a picture of Neill from when we were on top of a mountain, savouring our first experience with real snow in Lebanon. I like the way he looked back as if pondering when we would get a chance to have fun with snow again. It was such a great day for all of us.

Journaling reads:
On that mountain, that day in Lebanon, with that first experience with snow, Neill must have felt like he's on top of the world.

Well, you know what, sometimes lightnings DO strike twice! I can't believe my eyes when I saw that this layout above has been featured at the Gallery Standouts blog! What?!? Second time this week???? I'm still pinching myself furiously here to see if I would wake up from such a great dream! LOL! I'm just so grateful for Rach's fabulous kits that inspire me so much.

So now great news! You can have this page for your own traveling photo! Just click here or on the preview below to get your quickpage. As usual, comments are very welcome and appreciated. :)

(Hint: There's another goodie for you at Indy's blog!)

That's all for now. See you here in a short while though. Really. And I'll be back with another freebie. :D

Friday, August 20, 2010

A call, a dollar deal, a GSO, and a challenge freebie!

Okay, I counted. And I found out that in the span of about 24 hours I'm gonna have to make at least 3 blog posts to cover all I have to share with you. Wow.... That's gonna be fun! (And I can pretty much kiss my sleep good-bye. LOL) So I guess they all are gonna have to be short and sweet, and speedy as hell. :D Ready?

* * * * *

Designs by Anita is having a CT Call! This is absolutely a dream call for you, believe me. I'm speaking from my experience! Anita is super sweet to work with and always comes up with fabulous stuff that helps make your page special. Call ends Aug. 31 so hurry up!

(If you can't read the ad clearly, please click on it, or here, to go to Anita's blog for details.)

Here is just an example of Anita's beautiful work that I had a chance to create with. Natural Beauty:

I used the kit for this layout, This Smile, just to chronicle the progress of Neill's smile over almost 7 years of his life. :)

The template used for this layout is also a favorite of mine from Dunia Designs' Bunch of Templates Vol. 3!

* * * * *

...which brings us to another matter at hand, Dunia's amazing Dollar Deal! Her 20 products will be retired from stores by the end of the month, so Dunia has put them on sale for only $1 each at DigiScrappersBrasil! The deal lasts until the end of August only so you have to run if you don't want to miss these fun products forever! Here are previews of what you can get at the deal.

I used Times Like These kit and a template from Muliti-photo Templates Vol. 1, both included in Dunia's dollar deal, for this layout, Jump!

This page subsequently brought me the honor of being featured at the Gallery Standouts blog for the second time! Woohoooo! It has made its way to DigiShopTalk's and Digital Scrap Cafe's GSO threads as well. :)

* * * * *

I'll wrap it up quickly with this piece of news that is not so new any more as I should've blogged about it since the beginning of this month. LOL

I am a proud new hostess of the What's in the Coffee Cup Challenge at Digital Scrap Cafe! It's a fun challenge where you have to scrap a layout that includes each of the items listed in the coffee cup. And here is what the coffee cup looks like this month.

I won't go into the details now as this is already a loooooooog post. Let's just show you the layout I came up with for the coffee cup!

There WILL be a surprise gift (which will be revealed at the end of the challenge) for all participants. And, to kick start the challenge, I made a template out of my page above to give away as well. Visit the challenge thread to get the details and snag the free template!

Enjoy and see you soon! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

some gifts for Skool Daze!!

First of all, Happy Mother's Day for all Thais!! (It's on August 12 in Thailand.) I had a nice cry attending the Mother's Day function at Neill's school. Yeah...yeah..I'm a softie. What can I do? LOL

I'm terribly sorry I haven't been blogging as often as I should. (And I do have like a million things I want to talk about plus a thousand layouts to share with you. Urrgh!) Looking through Neill's school homework and class works that he brought back home everyday, however, I can feel that his attention to all the lessons is somewhat slipping. Well, the subjects are getting more difficult and there are a lot of homework and assignments for him to do each day. Combine those with his extra classes - football (soccer), computer, swimming, badminton, and singing - that he has each week, it's a huge responsibility for a 2nd grader.

So, I decided to spend more time with him each day to go through all school stuff together and we are hoping that the situation will improve soon. One bad thing about this, though, is me having less time to scrap and even lesser time to blog. I hope you understand. :)

* * * * *

From Neill "dazed and confused" state at school, I'm so glad and grateful that we at Digital Scrap Cafe are making these special gifts for you for the blog train!

Digital Scrap Cafe's August 2010 collab is called "Skool Daze" (which I know is a cool spin of School Days but with my and Neill's current situation, the Daze part is just so hilarious! LOL) This cute collab includes 75 elements, 64 papers, and 4 fabulous templates by Adi aka Le Pinguoin Designs. All these goodies for only $4.99 at DSC. I had so much fun working with this kit!

This month Jamie (CupcakeJamie) suggested to us at Digital Scrap Cafe that it should be great to make some printable gifts for all little students as well as homeschoolers everywhere. So that's what we've done!

I don't know if you remember but we did something like this earlier for the April blog train, and I've got a few comments loving how useful they were. (Thank you so much! I love comments!!!) So I hope you will find some use for these too, as they will definitely be useful for me and Neill. They can be used for school timetables, chore charts, or as a reward board to put gold stars stickers on for the little helpers. This time I throw in the grid template as well so you can design and personalize it for your little ones next time. (If you just stumbled upon my blog for the first time and like these printable timetables, please also check the one for our April blog train.)

As usual, just click on the preview to download from 4shared. Oh! And I'm so sorry that I think I forgot to include the freebie preview in the zip file. So please copy the preview here and put it in your folder after you download it. If you want to, that is. :)

There are more gifts from Skool Daze waiting for you! Please visit these places to collect others. Please also be patient though if the blogs are not ready yet. You know, the same old time difference thing. ;)

Asa -
Pom - <----- me!
Tempus Fugit -
Double Dutch -
Jamie -

I also want to write about the "What's in the Coffee Cup" Challenge that I'm hosting for the whole month at DSC. But it might make the post too long here. I'll probably make a another post soon so please check back if you're interested to know what I'm giving away at that challenge. :)