Saturday, June 26, 2010

Delightful Pieces of You in the Lazy Summer Days!

My life was in such shambles for the last few weeks that I didn't have the time (and the energy) to blog about and show you quite a few layouts I created. I think now is a good time to clear a little bit of those "debts"! :D I'm bringing you all the pages I made for Designs by Anita during the past month!

(Can I congratulate myself yet again for coming up with this title? LOL! Okay, it might not be the 3 Z's that you requested, Ella, but I think it's quite awesome that I manage to use the names of 3 kits in the same title! Haha! Go me!)

Feel free to click on all images to go to stores or to see bigger size in gallery!

* * * * *

For this first kit, I can't believe that I made these 2 pages almost a month ago! June 2010 seems to me like one big challenge to see how a person can still live and function with as little sleep as possible. LOL I guess I passed the challenge but just barely. Just.

This one is Delightful (available at ScrapInsider.) Oh what fun I had with this kit! I love the muted classic yet joyful colors. It makes me want to create something more thoughtful. Something very special to you.

Here are the two pages I made with the kit! One has Chris's story and the other one is of a cute church we found in Lebanon.

Journaling reads:
It is always difficult to get Papa to smile properly for the camera.
His smile sometimes looks so awkward that when you see the pictures,
you feel sorry for the poor guy.
The only time to capture his genuine smiles on film is when he's with Neill.
The boy can always be trusted to bring out the best in us.
{....Well, and sometimes the worst too.}

I used my Simply Secured template for this one. :)

Journaling reads:
We found this little church on top of a small hill
among the sea of tall mountains in northern Lebanon.
Something about it made us stop to take this photograph.
The fairytale-like building felt dreamy, cosy, serene, ..almost magical.
It was a delightful day.

* * * * *

The next kit is Pieces of You (available at MScraps and Two Little Pixels), a collab kit between Anita and LieN of ClickPhoto Designs (who is one of my all-time favorite designers!) Look at the delicious colors in this kit! Great concept as well. I will definitely use the kit to make more layouts but sadly I only had time for one page so far.

I've always wanted to use this funny photo of Neill in a layout. The concept of this kit is just perfect for it!

Journaling reads:
eyes - incapable of seeing real persons when there's cartoon on TV
eyebrows - knitted together in a little frown when notified that McDonald's is not an option
ears - stop functioning right after the word 'homework' is mentioned
nose - marvels at finding stinky veggies in mom's delicately cooked meals
mouth - pout! pout! waa! waa! boo! boo!

The sum of all parts? .... One perfect little boy!

* * * * *

Now this most recent kit is a HUGE one!!!! It's a big collab between Anita, Sabrina's Creations, Scooty's Designs, and AVDesigns called Lazy Summer Days (available at MScraps, TwoLittlePixels, ZigZagScrap and ScrapInsider too!) I absolutelly fell in love with the beautiful papers of this kit! The colors are also great for both boys and girls!

I made a 2-page layout with this kit. And you can click here to see both sides of this double pager in bigger size!

Feb 14, 2010 - At 6 years old, Valentine's Day means nothing and bubbles mean everything.

* * * * *

There you have it! I still "owe" you some more layouts though. As soon as I have a few hours on my own I'll blog about them, I promise! :)

A piece of news before I go. Asa and I made a template for DSC's Template Challenge June 25 - July 2. If you have time, join us there! I hope you like the template. Click on the preview to go to the challenge thread and your download link. ;)

Talk to you later!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I've got some Love to share!

Hi ladies! Didn't think I'll update my blog again so soon, huh? :) Well, I have to. LOL! I've got something nice to give you!

It's time again for Digital Scrap Cafe's Blog Train! This month our designers have put together another awesome collaboration kit! The kit is called "Girlish". Yeah.... After we did a "Boyish" one last month, it has to be the girls' turn!! Included in this collaboration are 110 elements, 70 papers, and 4 templates, all 469 MB for less than $5!!!! It's just so perfect for all of those girlie layouts (and I'm about to show you how great it is for a boyish one too. LOL)

Well, as you may have known, I only have a boy. But it's not hard at all to cook up a layout using this wonderful it. Here's what I made with it.

For our June Blog Train, you can have this layout as a QP! The word art in my page is not included ON the QP, but is included as a seperate file so you can use with this or any layout you see fit. It's an excerpt of a sonnet by one of my favorite poet, Pablo Neruda.

So, enjoy the QP, click here or on the preview image below to download! And, I appreciate all comments here. :)

Go to DSC blog for other links on the blog train! Because of the time difference, It might take a while though before all the stops are ready and updated. Please be patient. :)

Father's Day, Friendship, and a Free Template!!

Can I congratulate myself for being able to find 3 words starting with F for the blog title? LOL! For the last blog post I put 3 G words as title and I thought it was quite fun but was also sure it would be a hard task to repeat. Ummm... (giving self a pat on the back) Not bad, Pom. Not bad at all! LOL!

* * * * *

It's Sunday June 20th already here in Bangkok. In the US they celebrate Father's Day today. We don't really celebrate those occasions in our family, simply because we don't know when we should! LOL In Thailand, Father's and Mother's days are celebrated on the King's and the Queen's Birthdays, respectively. I don't really know when South Africa celebrate theirs. Usually Chris would call to remind me to give my in-laws (his parents) a celebratory call on those days, but honestly I couldn't keep track. LOL! (Bad girl!)

Lately I became more aware in advance about holidays and seasons in the US, only because designers make kits for those dates and times. Well, when you see other scrappers making a bunch of LOs about something, it can make you (me) want to try that as well. :D So....... I think Chris would be pleasantly surprised when he sees this.

I'm not going to spell out all the journaling here as I always did, coz it's kinda embarrasing. :D Though if you REALLY want to read, feel free to click on the image to see bigger picture.

I used the products of my friend
Lisa (Aprilisa Designs) to create this layout. The papers and most elements are from this beautiful kit, At First Sight.

The doodled frame and metal alpha are also by Aprilisa Designs. All 3 products (the kit, the frames, the alpha) are included in Lisa's
PU Grab Bag #2, available at DSC at a much discounted price too! :)

Lisa is taking a short break from scrapping and designing for a month to prepare to move to another country, India. I'm so wowed by her bold decision and very excited for her. Let's visit
her blog to wish Lisa and her family a safe journey and successful settling in. I hope everything goes well so she can come back and be active in the digi world again soon!!

* * * * *

Well, for someone who had taken a break and come back, Rachelle (RachNess Designs) are busier than ever! I'm not saying this just because she is a dear friend (whom I have never even met, LOL!) but she is such a smart and creative lady with great attitude towards life. And it shows in all her products.

For her latest kit Rach teamed up with another fabulous Filipina designer, LorieM Designs, to create A Cup of Kindness, a wonderful kit jampacked with unique mix of hand and vector-drawn goodies and doodles to celebrate friendships. Look how inspiring the kit is. Doesn't it remind you of childhood friends and the fun things you used to do together?

Great news! In buying this full kit, you will get a quickpage set (of 4 pages) , an alpha pack, and a word art pack too!

You can also buy the Alpha and QP packs individually, just check
Rach's store here for more info.

Oh how I love to play with the kit and show you want I can do with it, but I honestly didn't have enough time. I will make and show here later for sure. But for now, you can pop in
Rach's blog to see the layouts by LorieM's CT and MScraps CT as well. And when you're finished there, head over to SassyIndy's blog for a treat!

Indy is also a huge source of inspiration for me. Her sophisticated and complicated doodles are absolutely marvelous. I can never do what she does with her Art Journal projects in a million years. LOL! This time she has a quickpage made with Rach's A Cup of Kindness kit to offer as a freebie! Enjoy. :)

* * * * *

Last but not least, it's my turn again to host this week's Template Challenge at Digital Scrap Cafe's forum. This time I turned an old layout of mine to a template. That layout had actually been packaged along with 2 others and given away as quickpage freebies a while back. You can still get those quickpages from here if you want them.

Anyway, here's what the free template for the challenge looks like! I hope you like it! Click on the image or click here, it will take you to the challenge thread where you can find the download link! :)

Yes, I used the template for the Father's Day layout I showed you earlier. (Or should I say I scraplifted myself? Ummm....??) Anyway, come join me at the
DSC forum if you can make it! The winner of the challenge will get $$ to shop at Aprilisa's store!

Enjoy the template and I hope to see you there! :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Girl, a Great News, and a Gift!

Sometimes I have such a love/hate relationship with scrapbooking. LOL! The only reason for that is because I'm so sloooooooow at it. I started this thread in Digital Scap Cafe forum to find out how much time other people are spending on a layout of theirs (Feel free to jump in and join the discussion!!), and that's when I realize how bad I am. :D Well, what can I do??? I need 24 hours (at least) to make a decent layout (for me!) LOL

Anyway, slow or not, the outcomes always make the hobby worthwhile. Those wonderful moments when a page is finished are what keeping me going. I've got some to show today.

* * * * *

I found this out the other day and it still stunned me! Some of you who are very observant might noticed that I have a brand new blinkie on the right side of the blog. Yes, the Woohoo! one. Have you tried clicking on it? :)

Thanks, Scrappersonline! It's a real honor to be among such an amazing company!

* * * * *

After a long break from designing to take care of her health and her work, Rachelle (Rachness Designs) is back with a vengeance! LOL! She has a bunch of fab new products in store and I got to play with some of them!

I Love Being a Girl - 20% off till Monday @ MScraps

Chalky - 20% off till Monday @MScraps

So Simple Photo Masks and Borders Pack 3

Here's the page I made with I Love Being a Girl and one of the So Simple borders. I love this great picture of my hubby's grand niece Deandré so much. It's taken by her Papa last year. Her smile is so infectious that I just have to scrap it. :)

To celebrate Rach's being back and, of course, my own good news, you can enjoy this layout too. I made a quickpage out of it! You can click here or on the preview image to download. Please leave a few words if you like it, will you? :)

Enjoy! :)


I'm seriously drowning.

Between Neill starting a new semester and me having to drive him around for extra classes; rushing to finish those translating/editing jobs that are ALWAYS urgent; designing a brochure for a charity project; and fulfilling my CT commitments, ....I feel pulled from every direction. I want to sleep more. I want to exercise regularly again. I just don't have time for them now. :(

I definitely need to set my priorities straight, or I'm gonna become a mental wreck soon.

Sorry for the rambling. Just have to let it out somewhere, somehow.... Disregard this.