Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Christmas Blogtrain from Val's Gals

Hi there!

I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger. So much as been going on in my life it's even hard for me to keep up. So I decided not to burden you by blogging about it. ;) Nah, not really. Just haven't got a lot of free time lately. One of my resolutions for the new year is definitely to blog more often. I always tended to leave it until there's too much to talk about, and that makes the posts too long, and that makes me too lazy to blog, and that makes me leave it until I have more time to blog, and that makes the list of things to talk about even longer, and thus begins the shameful cycle again. Hope I can cure myself soon. :D


Anyway, you must have come here from Laurie's blog! We have a great thing going today. It's the Big Christmas Blogtrain by Val C. Designs' Creative Team. See this ad here (so beautifully made by Corinna aka Ruebchensmum) for more details. And... my dear French visitors, French text is provided below ;)

Today we have a blogtrain with wonderful prizes to win. All you have to do is follow the train, collect the words given on the different blog and post the sentence that results from these words in the comment section of Val's blog.
Aujourd'hui il y a un blogtrain avec des superbes prix à gagner. Tout ce qu'il faut faire, c'est suivre le blogtrain, collecter les mots qui sont donnés sur les différents blogs et poster la phrase qui résulte des mots donnés dans le coin comments sur le blog de Val C.

And here are my words:
Et voici mon mot:

"and to say"

Okay, I didn't have to do this but hey, it's fun! So I scrapped the words as well. I used Val C. Designs' kit Daily and Daily alpha for it. ;)

Now take those words and keep on to Eszter's blog, collect the whole sentence and leave it at the comment part in Val's blog! (If you get lost along the way and didn't get all the words for the sentence, you can always go back to start over again from Corinna's blog.)

I wish you all good luck and have the best holiday with your loved ones!!! :)

Maintenant, prenez ces mots et de garder sur le blog d'Eszter, de recueillir toute la phrase et de le laisser à la partie commentaire dans le blog de Val! (Si vous vous perdez en chemin et n'a pas obtenu tous les mots de la phrase, vous pouvez toujours revenir en arrière pour recommencer sur le blog de Corinna.)

Je vous souhaite à tous bonne chance et ont les meilleures vacances avec vos proches!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All for Anita :)

Let's just see some nice things today. Or I hope you'd think they're nice. ;) Of course I'm talking about my scrapbooking pages! I've been a bad blogger and haven't shown them in a long while. The digital backlog is piling up BIG TIME!

Today it's all about Anita. :) These following LOs are from Designs by Anita's kits throughout November to early December. I'll start from the most recent and work my way backwards.

* * * * *

Snow - from A Winter's Day kit @ Mscraps and Two Little Pixels
(used with a template from Dunia Designs' An Easy Way 1 to 5)

* * * * *

- The picture is from my in-law's wedding day. :) Aren't they gorgeous together?
from True Love kit @ Mscraps and Two Little Pixels (used with a template by Biancka for a challenge at MScraps)

* * * * *

Best Thing - Now this is from MY engagement party all those years ago. :)
from Little Thoughts kit @ Mscraps and Two Little Pixels (used with Anita's Grungy Masks set)

* * * * *

In Grandma's Hands - Just wanted to make some pages documenting Neill's bond with his Khun Yai :)
The page is inspired by 'That's My Boy' by dlhoffer
I used Persistent kit @ Mscraps and Two Little Pixels
with Anita's Frame It In No.2 (CU) @ MScraps and Two Little Pixels on the right page

* * * * *

So, don't forget to visit Anita's store, where many more of her fantastic products are waiting. :)

I'll be back very soon with more pages to show here. Stay tuned!