Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Free like a Bird"

I've been acting like a stalker lately. :) When I go blog hopping, I don't just read and look at what the blog owner put in there, I read the comments as well. Here's my theory: great scrapbooking designers also have great followers. Their comment posters all make gorgeous and creative layouts and also maintain beautiful and interesting blogs. This theory has never failed me yet.

Same thing for every comment in my last blog. If you left a message, rest assured that I have already visited your wonderful blog. What can I say, I feel so grateful that you took the time to drop by and leave a comment. Thank you.

One particular "thank you" goes to
Aprilisa of Aprilisa Designs. Without her I wouldn't have known of the nice template they're giving away for this week's template challenge at Digital Scrap Cafe. Here's my layout using the template.


Template by Pure Creativity Designs

Paper and all embellishments from Aprilisa's part in My Secret Garden collab kit

Wordart (be free like a bird) from Seni's Be Free add-on

This picture was from our last trip to the zoo. We had fun with the animal show and Neill couldn't wait to be photographed with a "star" of the show. Looking at the whole thing I think I probably shouldn't have done the extraction. At first I thought I was going to do just a little bit with the bird, but once I started, I just got carried away and ended up doing it all. :) Well, what's done is done. It was a fun scrapping, though.

(I just found out that Åsa even posted this layout in the
August gallery standouts. Wow, what an honor. Thanks, Åsa)


Lisa said...

Wow, Pom...

I couldn't tell you how much happy I am right now ;-p
It's such a great honor for me that you use my kit to enter a challenge.

I really don't mind you've been a stalker. Actually, that is what I always do, stalking around everybody's blogs, lol. And I found so many intersting things by doing it, right? :) Look what I've got here, in your blog!

I'm also a newbie in digital scrapbooking. When I create something, I wish I can see what people did with my stuffs (that's why I'm stalking around, lol). Nobody come up with their layouts so far even more than 500 people had downloaded my kits *sigh*

Well, I'm here now..
And I'm happy :)
Thanks Pom.

I'm adding you to my friend's list, if you don't mind :)

Pom said...

Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for your loving comment! I totally understand how you feel. I've always felt that all the digital scrapbooking designers (especially those who are giving away freebies) are under-appreciated. That's why I always try to leave comments in every blog I visited.

Your comment made my day too! :)

PaMam said...

Oh.... can't miss to comment this pic. It's such a wonderful and perfect one.

Happy to see this and very pround of you ja.

Anonymous said...

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