Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Meet the Knights"

First of all, I want to say thanks to Lisa of Aprilisa Design, for leaving such a glowing comment in my last post, and for putting me in her friend list. Well, now you just have to grit your teeth and be my friend too! :D I really love your designs and your layouts are wonderful. Thank you!

And now, another layout. (I'm on a roll, baby!)

This week's Tuesday Template Challenge at Scrapmatters features this gorgeous template by Stefanie:

I think this is a perfect one for a family picture, so I got busy last night and came up with a page.

Let me talk about this for a sec.. Everytime I tried to scrap a family picture, it's a challenge in itself. In almost every family picture (with 4 of us in it: my husband, myself, our son Neill, and my stepson Michael,) someone just had to be making a funny face for the camera. So I thought, instead of trying to find one smiley picture, why not scrap the one 'most screwed up', hence this layout. :)


Tuesday Template August 25th by Stefanie

Everything else from Working Boy kit by Pouyou

Now, off to work!


PaMam said...


Your family's funny face made me laugh. I agree that everyone did it well. Great layout great job for this pic ja.

Lime said...

Hi Pom,

How's it going?

Great bragbook pages -- Your shadowing is awesome on those bragbook pages from the DigiScrap Cafe Collab!!!!

Would you do me a favor, please? I want you to ask Dunia a question for me when you talk to her next -- between babies, LOL!

She has a lot of CU textures - I was wondering if she'd consider CU4CU or CU4Freebies on them. They are the kinds of things you layer 3, 4, 5, 6 papers together and then flatten, but my filing system isn't that great, and I don't want to muck it up with CU stuff unless I can pretty much do anything with it.

Since these would be buried and partially erased and then flattened, I thought she might be okay with it. Just asking, but I wasn't sure if she spoke English.

There are all kinds of web places to practice design skills and I thought I might try one of those.

Anonymous said...

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