Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bored? Look at Neill in 2009!

I didn't know what to call this post so I just put the names of the 2 layouts I made recently in the title box. Not very creative, huh? LOL!

This should be a short one since I don't really have anything to say much except to show you the layouts, pass on news about a great freebie, and update the status of my RAK. We'll see later if I can really keep it short. (I doubt that myself.. hehehe.)

* * * * *

Don't you just love seeing year-end layouts in the galleries? For me, in a sense, it's like a "greatest hits" kind of page. It's where people put in the cutest photos that show the best expressions and write the journaling that highlight the most interesting moments of their children in the year. How can you not fall in love with that?

This year I have a chance to make that kind of page myself. And how lucky it is that I have the most perfect ingredients for it. I'm not talking about the bizaar photos (well, I have endless supply of those anyway, thanks to Neill, LOL). By 'perfect' I mean the combination between this oh-so-creative 2009 in-Review layered template (available at DSB - ZZ) by Dúnia and the most joyous Warm Woolen Mittens paper pack that Jaime (Three Paper Peonies) is giving away on her blog.

Here's what I made with them:

Please click on image for bigger view.

Template 2009 in Review by Dunia Designs (Dúnia Acauan)
All papers from Warm Woolen Mittens kit by Three Paper Peonies (Jaime Choi)

This also marks the first time I made an element-free page! Well, not exactly. I cut the papers to decorate the layout as elements anyway. I like the result and it helped to remind myself to put "just enough" in the page, keep it clean, and let the photos and journaling tell the story. I'm also glad that people seem to like the page as well, as it was mentioned in both DST and SM's GSO! Woohoo!!

Okay, a little disclaimer here. You know well that I'm a CT member of Dúnia (coz I bragged about that fact here so often! LOL) so I receive her products for free to scrap. But let me tell you. You can NEVER go wrong with this template. I would love to take the credit of making the forums' GSO myself but I honestly can't. It's the totally amazing template that made it for me. Thank you so much Dúnia!!

* * * * *

There's also another first thing that I did this past few days. This one is answering an OKC (one kit call) at DST forum.

I dropped by the forum just to look around and I saw this one from Alamama on top of the Calls threads. She's calling for someone who's willing to play with her new kit called I'm Bored. Well, I'm SOLD!!! The idea was so creative and when I clicked to see the kit preview, I just loved it!

Here's my layout using I'm Bored:

Please click on image for bigger view.

All papers and elements from
I'm Bored kit by Alamama's Pressed Petals Designs

Scraplift of [ Space ] by Kel-- Thank you so much!

A little about the photos. Neill was at a school parade where he was chosen to dress up in a traditional Thai attire. He looked like an angel that day but was bored out of his mind with all the waiting. I find that quite amusing, of course. LOL!

* * * * *

Did you stop by Digital Scrap Cafe recently? If you haven't checked it out for more than 5 days, I'd recommend going there to take a look now. They've just gone through a makeover and now the whole site looks FABULOUS!!! The new color palette is so bright and refreshing. Every little detail compliments each other so well.

That's not the only thing new and exciting there. DSC has a new Designer in the Spotlight and this time it's Val C.Designs. Not only that all her products will be 50% off during the spotlight (til the end of the year), Val is also hosting the Designer in the Spotlight Challenge where she is giving away this amazing kit My Wish for free. Plus, everyone who's participating in the challenge WILL get 2$ gift certificate, and also have a chance to win her WHOLE STORE!! WHAT???

So, if you love freebies and like being challenged, hurry up! Feel free to tell them I sent you but that's not gonna win you any brownie points anyway. LOL!

* * * * *

Speaking of freebies and winning, I just want to remind you that my RAK here is still going on until Christmas day. Remember the one that where you can win a cut-and-insert layered frame template set as a CU product? Right now Åsa and Lulutoo have sent me the links to their layouts. And I love both pages so much!

As everyone who's also designing knows, it fills you up with so much pride to see people using your stuff. (Should I add "legally" too?) That's why I was so happy to learn that Zibr1 has chosen my Simply Secured layout as the subject of DSC's latest Scraplift Challenge. As usual, the winner of the challenge will receive store GC from a designer, but I decided to make it more interesting by adding another RAK there. That means, everybody who submits an LO will also have a chance to win my Simply Secured frame set as a CU product as well! Isn't that fun? So far all the layouts posted in the thread look totally amazing!!

So now there are 2 RAKs going on for the frame set; here and at DSC. Choose one to participate, or you can even make 2 LOs for both places to up your chance of winning! Ooohh, so excited. Good luck everyone!

* * * * *

Freebie next update. See ya!


Lime said...

Hi pom,

Your Lo with the Bored page kit is exceptional! Seriously wonderful!

Pressed Petals said...

Thanks for blogging about my kit! You have a great blog and write very well!

Have a great day!

Lisa said...

I have to tell you I'm soooo jealous with the way you scrap. Your layouts are wonderful!

PaMam said...

So, you can't make it short but I love to read your long blog. And yes it's a good thing to me when I'm bored.....eiei.

Try to join both your RAK it's really very interesting. The year-end layouts of Neill is my most favourit and I would love to do one for my kids.

Love, PeeMam.

Val said...

Thnaks so much to speak about the spotlight and the sale!
You rock sweety!

Valé said...

Great layouts here !!!!! Love it

PaMam said...

Miss you and Neill ja.

jenny said...

Not bored as it is going to start a very good new year. 2010. I hope we all have very nice new year and happy future. Thanks...

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