Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hosting Template Challenge at DSC!

Happy New Year!! For this first post of 2010, I have a gift for you.

Normally if it's a freebie post, I would definitly mention other stuff first, show you some LOs, then some great sales or interesting challenges worth checking out, and only when there's nothing else to talk about, the freebie.

The reason why I save the freebie for last is not because it's "the best" as the saying goes. (I prefer to think that I'm a whole lot more than the freebies I give. LOL!) But because many visitors tend to (understandably) just grab the freebie and leave without reading or looking at anything else, not to mention leaving comments. I (along with a whole lot of designers who give away stuff) just try to keep you on the blog a little longer, that's all.

Not this time though. This time I'll go straight to the point and announce that I'm the proud hostess of Digital Scrap Cafe's latest Template Challenge! I'm so excited! My first hosting a challenge ever! I made a FREE template especially for this challenge. It's designed with New Year's Resolutions in mind, but really you can use it for anything.

Please click on the image for details of the challenge and for the download link. Apart from the free template, everybody who participates in the challenge will also get digibytes that can be accumulated toward store gift certificate, and there's a $3 GC prize for the challenge winner too!

Here's what I made with the template. My New Year's Resolutions!

(Please click on image for bigger view)

All papers and elements from
Joy the Clown kit by Keley Domingues Designs
Template by Pom's Breathing Room for Digital Scrap Cafe's Template Challenge (Jan. 1-8)
Photographs: 1, 2 - mine; 3, 4, 5 - stock images from

And here's the great fun kit Joy the Clown that I made the layout with!

What are you waiting for?? Come
play with me people!

* * * * *

I have another layout for another CT to show you! This is actually the first layout that I created in 2010, and I really like it a lot. Making this page brought back the memory of that day and that event. It's a page that I'm sure Neill will love to see again and again many years from now.

I made the page using one of the template from
A Week's Worth template set by Alamama's Pressed Petals Designs, with everything else from I'm Bored kit by Pressed Petals as well. Both were really perfect for this page! I love how versatile this template is. It's great for Project365 and other family moments with series of pictures!

Now, I'll just let the page and the journaling speak for itself. Please do click on the image for bigger view, comments are very welcome too!

Journaling reads:
December 5, 2009
Neill participated in an inter-school sports tournament as a track athlete. He was runner no.7 in grade one 8x50M. relay race. It was really hot that day and the whole team also had to endurethe long opening ceremony in the sun before starting the race, but he didn't complain. He was just so excited, so were his teammates.

Finally they called, Neill warmed up, put his game face on, and waited patiently in his spot. By the time the 6th runner arrived, Neill's team was already 2 metres behind 3 other teams. Even so, he grabbed the baton perfectly and simply took off like the wind.

He was able to gain back some distance before handing off the baton to the last runner. Too bad that wasn't enough. In the end the team finished 4th. He was noticeably crushed.

Later he asked Mama what kind of medals they would give to 4th place finishers. Mama told him, it's the kind of medals that you can only see with your heart. He loved the answer and would repeat it to everybody who wants to know. 4th place isn't that bad after all.

* * * * *

Let's end with some great news! Great sales and challenges!

Catia Cunha is the Designer in the Spotlight at Digital Scrap Cafe. Everything in her store is now only $1 each and if you spend $10 there you get $10 more FREE! She's also hosting a challenge at DSC forum where eveyone gets $1 coupon just to participate and the winner gets as much as $20 !

* * * * *

DSC is also introducing a new project called "A Day in the Life". You are encouraged to use at least one photograph and scrap one layout a week (as opposed to one each day which many people -- me included -- feel hard to keep up) for the whole year! What a great way to document your life with your family, huh?

To motivate you even more, DSC will provide a FREE template each month to make it easier for you. Here's the first ADITL template, click on it to read the challenge details too!

* * * * *

Enjoy all the freebies and I hope you do come to join me at the Template Challenge! TTFN!


PaMam said...

Happy New Year ja Pom.

Really glad that we've been spent a time just before new year a few hours.

Congratulation to you for the first hosting challenge at DSC. And the layout you've made for this is just a perfect for this time. Thank you for that and I'll try to do my page to join you.

Also thank you for your recommend to other interesting kits and layouts (I'm the one who click every link you give...eiei.).

We had dinner at Sizzler this evening and no doubt my kids asked for you and Neill many time. They're just thinking of both of you.

Enjoy the holiday.
Hugs & Kisses.

PaMam said...

oh...I'm the first one I'll get somthing? eiei.....

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 10 post on Jan. 02, 2010. Thanks again.

PaMam said...

back again eiei...

I forgot to tell you that I really love the way you've told Neill about the 4th place medal. So proud of you and Neill.

And for your new year resolutions the odd nubers are the same to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 02 Jan [LA 05:26pm, NY 08:26pm] - 03 Jan [UK 01:26am, OZ 12:26pm] ).

Lisa said...

I'm done my layout for the challenge!

RachNess said...

Thank you Pom for being the first to leave a comment in my new blog hehe! Can't wait to hear from you soon! xoxo

Calidune said...

Merci beaucoup. Il est super.

Ella said...

hello !
i just wanted to tell you that i couln't find time to participate to the challenge @DSC, but i followed all the posts and so on...
Congrats because the template proposed was original, and you have had beautiful LO participations.
Thanks for your dynamism, your originality,your beautiful pages, your nices comments on our pages...
...Many thanks !!!!

Audrey said...

thank you very mutch for this great template

ella-hippyhoppy said...

I used this layout for a QP with my new kit! Please check it out here:

Thank you for sharing!

Angi said...

Happy New Year Pom!

Thank you so much for the template. Congrats on your 1st template challenge. Sorry I missed it. But I am participating at!

Love your blog!

patrick said...

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