Friday, June 11, 2010


I'm seriously drowning.

Between Neill starting a new semester and me having to drive him around for extra classes; rushing to finish those translating/editing jobs that are ALWAYS urgent; designing a brochure for a charity project; and fulfilling my CT commitments, ....I feel pulled from every direction. I want to sleep more. I want to exercise regularly again. I just don't have time for them now. :(

I definitely need to set my priorities straight, or I'm gonna become a mental wreck soon.

Sorry for the rambling. Just have to let it out somewhere, somehow.... Disregard this.


Ella said...

I completly agree with you. It seems to be the same for me : need to set up my priorities. What is the better for me and my family ? I've to mahe some choices, I feel tired and need some more time for me too.
I wish you can decide what is better for you...meanwhile, take care Pom ;)

Åsa said...

Sometimes life is al to fast. Sleeping has to be a priority. there is no brain that will do well without it.
Try to schedule the rest of your life around the basics instead of the opposite.
CT job can always wait. RL can´t

PaMam said...

Take care dear.

Pom said...

Thank you so much Ella, Asa, and PaMam. You are true friends. :)
Now that I've just finished the brochure work, I can breathe again.
Last night I rewarded myself with a looooong sleep and my life improves instantly. LOL!

v said...

Hi Pom, I recognize.
There is really only óne answer.
Close your PC .... and do something that is ABSOLUTELY not necessary.
Just DO it and tell yourself that its totally right to waiste your time.
Wise advice? Hihi: I'm an old lady!
I love you, ViVre

Pressed Petals said...

congrats...very well deserved!