Friday, June 11, 2010

A Girl, a Great News, and a Gift!

Sometimes I have such a love/hate relationship with scrapbooking. LOL! The only reason for that is because I'm so sloooooooow at it. I started this thread in Digital Scap Cafe forum to find out how much time other people are spending on a layout of theirs (Feel free to jump in and join the discussion!!), and that's when I realize how bad I am. :D Well, what can I do??? I need 24 hours (at least) to make a decent layout (for me!) LOL

Anyway, slow or not, the outcomes always make the hobby worthwhile. Those wonderful moments when a page is finished are what keeping me going. I've got some to show today.

* * * * *

I found this out the other day and it still stunned me! Some of you who are very observant might noticed that I have a brand new blinkie on the right side of the blog. Yes, the Woohoo! one. Have you tried clicking on it? :)

Thanks, Scrappersonline! It's a real honor to be among such an amazing company!

* * * * *

After a long break from designing to take care of her health and her work, Rachelle (Rachness Designs) is back with a vengeance! LOL! She has a bunch of fab new products in store and I got to play with some of them!

I Love Being a Girl - 20% off till Monday @ MScraps

Chalky - 20% off till Monday @MScraps

So Simple Photo Masks and Borders Pack 3

Here's the page I made with I Love Being a Girl and one of the So Simple borders. I love this great picture of my hubby's grand niece Deandré so much. It's taken by her Papa last year. Her smile is so infectious that I just have to scrap it. :)

To celebrate Rach's being back and, of course, my own good news, you can enjoy this layout too. I made a quickpage out of it! You can click here or on the preview image to download. Please leave a few words if you like it, will you? :)

Enjoy! :)


Anonymous said...

I love this quick page. Thank you so much for sharing.


Anonymous said...

love your qp, thank you so much

Stefanie Eskander said...

Congratulations to you too!!!! Your layout was amazing, and I was happy we both rocked the category! Love your blog!!!!

Ella said...

congrats Pom for your page. I remember very well on it, and I've scraplifted it..(in a challenge at DSC no ?). Thanks for the QP too, it's so fun, I will use it for one of my girls!
I wish you a nice WE...bye ! Ella.

Pom said...

Thank you, ladies!! :) I'm so glad you dropped by!

v said...

Hi, i know that page too: like Ella said we scraplifted it at DSC. It was my FIRST challenge there, and you helped me posting my lo in the forum-thread.
After that i got addicted ;-)

Dodie said...

Gorgeous quickpage!

Thank you so much for sharing =)


Dee said...

Thanks for this cute girly quickpage!

PaMam said...

Congrats to you again. I'm so proud of you.

Thanks for sharing us a great QP for a new kit of Rachelle. And yes I can see the great shadow you work on this.

Yesterday I came here and following your link to DSC forum it's an interesting topic there.

Take some rest dear.

RachNess said...

woooooohoooo! Congrats on being cited for your uber, uber gorgeous layout! You're sooo talented! Way to go Pom! :-)

PaMam said...

Sending you and Neill our love and kisesss.

Chie Wilks said...

what a lovely quickpage...i downloaded it