Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love my new Canon 500D!!

Oh yeah! I LOVE IT!! It has always been my dream to own a DSLR camera. And ever since I started scrapping seriously, this dream had become quite an intense desire! LOL! I had tried to save money for one but there was always some other neccessities to spend money on.

Well, then my Knightmare in shining armour stepped in. (A small footnote here: Our name is Knight, so my pet name for my hubby is Knightmare. LOL) He promised to buy me one as my Birthday/New Year gift! My Birthday is actually in September but at that time he was still in Lebanon so we agreed to wait until we could find the right one here in Bangkok. So, finally, the right one was found!!! Yay!!!

* * * * *

However, with a whole lot of crazy stuff going on around here, the camera was sitting pretty in its box until Feb 14, when we celebrated Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year by gathering at PaMam's house for a good clean fun. Bubbles!!

I was so excited about the camera that I practically forgot to take care of the children. All I did was shoot and keep away from the splashes and bubbles. Hehe. Lucky for me that PaMam and NaMee were there and all the kids had such a great time they hardly missed me.

Anyway, here are some pictures we took that day. All of them were doctored with the Gimp, obviously, because I'm still completely new to DSLR so all the colors/light exposure were pretty much off. (Plus, these were taken around 5pm in a cloudy day!) But I'm happy with how they turned out!

By the way, they're not all my children. :) The girl in blue is PaMam's daughter, Prima. The boy with plaid shirt with cute smile is also PaMam's, Sinat. The lady in pink is PaMam herself while the red-blouse lady in the group shot is NaMee, PaMam's sister. Last but not least, the dreamy-eyed boy in red is Neill, and this one is mine. :)

All the cute doodles are from Rachness Designs's So Simple Masks and Borders pack 1 and pack 2. Lovely, aren't they? Thank you so much, Rach!!!

I'll be back very soon with some layouts I made with other pictures I took that day. :) Thanks for dropping by!


RachNess said...

OMGoodness!! Pom!! The pictures are amazing! It's so clear and the colors are so crisp. Yay! I'm so jealous haha. Manual or auto focus? You should get Lightroom! They're great when you're shooting RAW in DSLR. Are these shot raw?

And thank you for using the So Simple Doodles! They look so cute on your photos!

PS- PaMam is so pretty! :-)

PaMam said...

eiei...I heard someone called me pretty here, thank you so much Rachelle.

Pom ja I'm working on this set of a happy picture for my diary ja. Thanks again for shooting a great pic. for us.

Pom said...

@Rach - It was manual exposure/shutter speed with auto focus. I didn't shoot RAW because I didn't have my spare memory card with me and you know the RAW files are huge! So I stuck with good-ole jpg. LOL! It wasn't too bad, though! But I'll be sure to practice more with manual everything with RAW! :) And your SS doodles made my photos look so much better than they originally are. lol!!

@PaMam - Thanks for always welcoming us to your house with open arms ja. Life wouldn't be such fun or even tolerable without you as my friend. :)

iNg said...

wow... pom.. the photo are so good...
i'm jealous, too. hahaha...

hmmmmm... kinda like to exchange my nikon d60 for that a cam like yours. lol! i've never tried shooting in RAW or manual. too lazy to even read the manual. hahaha...

it even became pretty with rachelle's doodles.

take care yah... :)

La'Shawn said...

Great photos Pom!!! Congrats on the new camera and getting it out of the box and usuing it! Can't wait to see more photos. ;)

Trish said...

Wow Pom all of those are great! And I can't believe you use Gimp!?! I can't even do a simple edit in that program. lol

PaMam said...

Hey Pom you just give me a new vocabulary...miss you teacher.. eiei.

Pom said...

@PaMam - What did I do? What do you mean?? Let me guess. Tolerable? :)
Neill's already asking when he could see Prima again. I told him after final exam. He definitely wasn't happy. LOL!

@Trish - You'll find out you can do a lot of things with GIMP when you're too cheap for photoshop! Hehehe!!

@La'Shawn - Thanks! It's now back in the box again though. :( I've been busy with Neill's final exam.

@iNg - Aren't Rach's doodles the best? :)
I LOVE your latest product by the way. Those punched photomasks. So creative!!! Congrats!

PaMam said...

Yep you're right that word is "tolerable".

Sinat also asked me when he can play with Neill (he didn't see Mini yet) and I told him after Phuket trip he was happy for that.

Prima finish her exam already but Sinat has to go to school until next friday.

Chris said...

Congratulaations on the new camera Pom. I would be jealous of you, but I'm getting a new SLR for Christmas and my last Birthday (which was also September). I know Christmas was in December, but I'm having such a hard time actually buying it. What if I choose the wrong one? The last two cameras were both the wrong choice. I even spent the last 2 hours in a Lightroom class in anticipation.
Anyway your photos are filled with so much fun and I agree about how pretty your friend PaMam is.

PaMam said...

Just sat hi from Phuket ja.

Pressed Petals said...

can I just say that I an jealous! I still have a point and shoot. one day, one day I will have a cool camera!

Pom said...

@PaMam - I want to go to Phuket toooooooo!!!! :(
It's boiling hot here in Bangkok and Neill has so many school projects to finish before the final exam. Life is so "intolerable" now! LOL!

@Chris - For me, the camera will always be the right one. The real question is whether I'm wrong for it. (There's a big possibility.) :) Oh! I love your avatar in DST forum, so beautiful and mysterious at the same time!

@Christine - I can't believe it! Your layouts are full of amazing photos with such clever angles! If you can do that with a point and shoot, I can't wait to see what you will be doing with a DSLR!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

PaMam said...

Pom, I just have a chance to shoot with my Canon 450D today. We went to Kata Beach and I've got a ton of my kids' picture there.

It also very hot here but the kids were so happy with the sun and the sand. And because of today is not a weekend so it's just us is Thai. Amoung the crowded tourist on the beach it's just us not wear bikini (especially me 555).

We drove the pick up car around the island so that if we have a trip here together I can be a tour guide for you. (in fact NaMee drove manual gear - not me eiei)

We will fly back home tomorrow noon ja.

Miss U and Neill so much wish we could have sometime together before your trip to visit Neill's PaPa