Monday, November 8, 2010

Shhh.. I'm not here...

Sorry I can't talk much and I won't talk long. Just tiptoe-ing in and will sneak out very soon.

I actually should have blogged much earlier. A lot of news to share, layouts to show, and promotions to.. well.. promote. Now it's too late and the iDSD had come and gone. I'm so sorry. I'll be better soon I promise. A lot is happening and I'm having a bad migraine attack. Everything coming out of my mouth sounds wrong and mean. (Bad Pom!) I should go to bed but I can't sleep. :(

Anyway, I still enjoy browsing around and reading about all my friends in Digi Land's iDSD experiences. Glad to learn that everyone seems to enjoy it so far. All the freebies from stores and designers are great and discounts are awesome. A lot of money was happily spent. Some stores are extending the sales for a day or two as well. That's a great news. :)

Well, I should try to go back to sleep. Good night!! ;) I'll be more sane next time we talk! LOL


Alison said...

Oh you poor thing, hope you are feeling a bit better now. :)

Ella said...

my poor Pom, I hope you will feel soon better. Forget the digiscrap world just the time you need in order to be well. Hope you come soon with good health !

Pom said...

Thank you, Alison and Ella!!! It comes and goes, unfortunately.
Nothing a good sleep can't cure though! :)

ViVre said...

I'm sorry for you, Pom.
Take a walk and BREATH.
Big hugs, ViVre