Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Layouts galore!

I just finished 3 layouts back to back. So here they are:

All papers and elements from Kiki Designs mini kits Breathe and Cherry Blossoms
Wordart by Lien Clickphoto Spontaneity freebie

"My Heroes"
Flower from It's All about You kit by Kimla Designs
Papers, water color frame, leaf, pebble from Fresh up add-on by Seni
String bow from Ines Garden add-on by Seni
Blue paper frame from Sunny Sunday by Nenejardin
Background stamp from By the Blue Side of My Soul add-on by Bellisae Designs
Template by Digiridooscraps
Title and journaling (English and Thai) -- my son Neill's handwriting

"In Motion"
Background deco mat from Maelia Designs Pretty Music kit
Wordart from Fei-Fei Stuff

Neill loves to dance.
He's at his happiest when he sings and dances for an audience.
I'm not saying that he's great at singing or dancing, but he definitely puts his heart into it everytime.
At the house we always watch his favorite shows together:
'So You Think You Can Dance', 'America's Best Dance Crews', and 'American Idol'.
And he would always ask,'Mama, would you go and stay with me in America when I win American Idol?'

Ummm, son, there's a few problems about that.
First, I don't know if the show is still on by the time you're old enough to compete.
And, second, you're not American!! :)


RachNess said...

Lovely, lovely, LOVELEEE layouts Pom! Your son is so freakin' cute! I'd like to adopt him, given the chance (hehe!).

Pom said...

Thanks, Rachelle! I'll rent him out by the hour, how's that? :D

RachNess said...

Perfect! Let your hubby know about this agreement before we make a blood compact. I don't want him beating down my door asking for his son back. He looks kinda intimidating, physically, hehe...

Lisa said...

I can't stop smiling when I read your note for the last layout! LOL. He's so funny ;p

Lovely layouts!
You're a big fan of white space, aren't you? :). They all fantastic.

PaMam said...

Happy to see all of these...your work and your friends' lovely comments.