Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rachness's Doodly Party Games: Guess What Word Am I

I mentioned the Doodly Party of Rachelle (Rachness Designs) in a previous post. If you're also following her blog for the past month, you'd know that she has given out 5 mysterious letters already for the "Guess What Word Am I" game. In her latest post, there're 3 last letters to be collected: T, E, and O. I put them together with the previous ones (S, E, D, T, and B) and tried my best working this anagram, and came up with the word......


Umm, Rachelle, is that wedding bells I'm hearing from your direction? Considering she's also hinting in the blog about how she missed having kids around the house and needed to start making her own, I think this must be it! :D So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this in advance, "Congrats, Rach!! I'm so happy for you!!!!"

And while you're looking around her blog, why don't you check out her new sweet products as well. She has a new fabulous collab kit out called "Follow Your Dreams" with Joyce Paul of Shabby Pickles Designs. If you have girls, or love pastel colors, or enjoy stories with fairies and such, this kit is definitely for you. Plus, if you buy the kit, you'd get Rachness' CU doodled element templates for free as well. So, hurry up!

What do you do when you have so many ideas and photos to scrap but not enough hours in a day to actually do it? :(


RachNess said...

HAHA! This really made my day Pom! I gotta let C read this :-p

Errr...sorry, no bells ringing here yet! Not that I'm saying I don't want to haha. But thanks for the advance congrats! I'll save it for when I actually see the diamond ring and bended knee! hehe

Thanks for the shoutout on the FYD kit, too. Really appreciate it girl!


RachNess said...

PS- Good luck on the WWAI game! :-)

PaMam said...

Nice guess for the game, wish you will lucky for this.

Good kit from Rachelle and I love the name of that kit.

Miss miss....

Anonymous said...

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