Sunday, May 9, 2010

Charity and Gallery Standout

As Dunia's CT, I've had an amazing opportunity to work with a fabulous kit that came from a heartbreaking situation. I won't be able to tell you the story half as well as the wonderful ladies who created this kit. So, please take a few minutes to read this. The text is from Deca Designs' blog:

* * * * *

Let me tell you a story.

Leonardo was a healthy bright and smart 4 years old little boy, who went to school and had a quiet life with his parents and twin little brothers, Lucas and Alexandre, until his mother Ana Paula started noticing that something was not going very well with him. As he became a sad boy, had a distorted sight, complained about headhaches, and he wouldn't walk the same way and no longer had much coordination.

Leo went through several doctors before being diagnosed with a brain stem tumor in late September 2009.

In October 2009, they moved to Sao Paulo to begin his battle against cancer. First a brain surgery to remove the tumor, followed by chemotherapy sessions.

After several sessions and much struggle, in April 2010 Leonardo needed a bone marrow autograft, because the chemotherapy had to be so aggressive that destroyed it, leaving him very weak.

Right now the doctors are very hopeful with the treatment and the response given by the body of this admirable little warrior.

Currently, the family moved to Sao Paulo, because it is there that Leonardo is being monitored medically, Leonardo and his family have fallen on hard times because Leo's mother left her job in Dourados to devote to her child, and his father who worked in South Africa, also had to leave his job and return to be able to take care of he twins as mother and Leo would have to spend long periods at hospital and they didn't have no one else that could take care of the twins that were only some months old at the time.

They are now facing serious financial problems for the payment of all treatments and costs with the struggle of Leonardo.

Above all the struggle and hard times, this family is an example of love, strength, courage, unity and faith to be followed by all of us!

This is our little and precious Leonardo, before and after.

Inspired on Leo's life, this month we are starting a new project at Digiscrappers Brasil. It's a charity project that we called Charity with Love and our idea is to have a new one every three month.

This is a project that aims to help needy people of the Brazilian community. With so many projects like this that happen in digital scrapbooking stores outside Brazil, we thought, "Why not create something like this also to help people in Brazil?". And so, with the will, commitment and effort of our designers we created this wonderful kit.

Charity with Love for May is this absolutely stunning childhood themed mega kit. My Wish for You! So this is our newest kit for you.

Help us HELP Leo and his family by purchasing this wonderful MegaKit and Album which was created by many wonderfully generous scrappers. Or you can purchase both products in a big bundle, available at 20% discount at
Digiscrappersbrasils store.

Please help and spread the word if you can. They are counting on us.

* * * * *

I made a page with this kit. It's a page I'm very proud of.

(Please click on image for bigger view.)
Credits:Journaling is from a part of "I wish you love" lyrics by Albert A. Beach
All papers and elements from
Charity with Love Project: My Wish for You maga collab kit by Digiscrappersbrasil designers
Fonts are PS Pimpdeed III and JaneAusten.

I thought having the chance to create with this kit was special enough, but good news didn't stop there. Yesterday I put this layout into galleries and went to bed. This morning, I found out that the page was mentioned in Digishoptalk (DST) Gallery Standouts thread. I was totally over the moon!!

But that's not it! I went through my emails and found that there's a message in MyScrapbookArt (
MSA) gallery telling me that the page has been featured in THE Gallery Standouts blog as well!!!! I can't believe my eyes! It felt like winning an Oscar for scrapbooking or something. (If Oscars were handed out daily, that is. LOL) All the time I've been doing this, the blog has been a huge source of inspiration. So, no doubt, I feel so honored and flattered.

I'm gonna stop talking and go make myself a celebratory cup of coffee now. :)


Lisa said...

I will write just like what I wrote on your FB... LOL

Wooohoooo.... you go, girl!
I'm so proud of you ---> I'm so proud to be your friend!
And your layout is gorgeous!
I wonder when will you made a layout for me again.. hahaha... *just kidding*

Anonymous said...

you deserve it!!! your scrapbooking talent is outstanding!!! well done!!!!


Deca said...

WOW! Congrats! It is a beautiful page! Thanks for posting! Kisses Deca

PaMam said...

Wowwwww.... I'm so proud of you dear. You deserved Oscar :).

Thank you for sharing a story of Leonardo and let me have a chance to do something for helping him.

I'm going to Digiscrappersbrasils store right away.

Pom said...

@Lisa - LOL! Thanks! And don't worry, you'll see my layout with your kit very soon!!

@Monica - Thank you! Glad you stopped by! :)

@Deca - I can't thank you enough for your beautiful text. :)

@PaMam - Thnx ja!!!! You will love this kit for sure. It's such a versatile kit, you can scrap with it all year long. :D

Loreta Labarca said...

Hey Pom, thanks sooooooooo much to spread the word about Leo. This is so important to us. Thanks thanks thanks dear!
And congrats for the GSO. You totally deserved this.
Many hugs form Brazil.