Thursday, May 13, 2010

Embrace Life

We're back in Bangkok!!! It might sound cliché but I've just really realised how friggin' hot my country is. LOL! The weather is steaming and everyone (especially Neill) is walking around sweating like a pig! :(

Since I'm now blogging in the oven, I hope you would understand why I want to keep this as short as possible. (As if I can do short. Haha! We'll see...)

* * * * *

I told you two posts ago about joining Designs by Anita's CT, and in that post I said I already finished 2 LOs using Anita's new kit. Wrong!!! Now I have three! LOL! I can't believe myself either. This kit brings out the creative juice in me like nothing else!

Here it is, Embrace Life, the new collab kit between Anita and Sabrina's Creations, available @ Two Little Pixel and MScraps:

Like I said, in the end I finished 3 pages using this classically beautiful kit. And I just found out that for all the 3 layouts, each with its own concept, I haven't had to use the same papers or elements twice! That's how versatile the kit is.

Here are my pages. This first one is called 'Laugh or Cry'. I use Embrace Life with a template in Simply Joy add-on by Anita and Val C. Designs, also available at 2LP and MScraps. Journaling was part of the song 'Angel in My Eyes' written by Blair Daly. The page brought me such joy. It was featured in 3 (!!!) Gallery Standout (GSO) threads: at ScrapMatters, DigiShopTalk, and MScraps forums! (All images are clickable for more detailed viewing.)

For the second page I used the fabulous photos of Dunia's gorgeous twin girls, Rafa and Duda.

And then for the last page, which was actually done first, I picked a scene from Tyre (rhyme with 'ear'), Lebanon, to scrap about. The page is called 'Calm among Chaos', and it's absolutely one of my favorites.

Journaling reads:
You can see cables and power lines everywhere in the town of Tyre, Lebanon. We don't know whether it is because there are too many or not enough electricians here, but no matter where you go, there will be uncountable amount of cables crisscrossing from one pole to another, from this roof to that balcony, and so on.

Although undoubtedly dangerous and scary, it actually looks amazing, like a piece of three dimensional abstract art that happens to be hung over your head, with the sky as the canvas.

One day we drove into town and noticed this minaret (mosque tower) standing tall above all the confusing lines. It's such a great reminder that peace can be found anywhere, even among chaos. You just have to look, and work hard enough for it.

I'll be back on May 15! Yes, that soon!! Digital Scrap Cafe's May Blog Train is gonna be chugging along that day, bringing you nice freebies again! See ya! :)

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PaMam said...

Welcome home ja Pom.

This kit of Anita is already in my wishlist now eiei.

Love your all LOs and especially for the journalling (I'd love to write a great journal like you).