Monday, May 3, 2010

The last time you did something for the first time..

When was it? :)

Well there's one this week for me. I was asked by Anita (of Designs by Anita) to be her guest CT. (I would have begged to be on her team later but she beat me to it. LOL!) I have done many layouts using her kits as DSC store CT but this is the first time I'll be on Anita's own team. I'm so excited!

And I was even more excited to learn that the first kit I got to work with as her CT is this super gorgeous one which is a collab between Anita and Sabrina's Creations. Take a look at this sneak peek!

The kit will be at
Two Little Pixels and MScraps from May 7. I have finished 2 pages using this wonderful kit and I can't wait, I repeat, CAN't WAIT to show you. LOL! But I still have to sit on them until then. Hmmph!

In the mean time, Anita is holding
a RAK at her blog!!!! You will have a chance to win this beauty for FREE. And even better, you can participate in both Anita's and Sabrina's blog to double you chance to win the kit! It's such a fun RAK too, you just have to go there and read what Anita plans for you. :)

* * * * *

There's another first thing that we did during our stay in Lebanon. Seeing and touching real snow!!! Let me show you how excited we were with this double pager (which is mentioned in
ScrapMatters GSO! Woohoo!)

Journaling reads: When was the last time you did something for the first time? For Neill, Michael, and Mama, it's March 23, 2010, when we got to see and touch real snow for the first time in our lives! Papa drove us high up on the winding roads to the Cedars area of Lebanon, almost 2km. above sea level. Since it's already the last days of winter here, there wasn't a lot of snow left. We enjoyed ourselves nontheless. Neill kept on running up and down the tiny teeny snow slope then fell on his bum over and over. We vowed to come back in winter next year so we can learn to ski. Can't wait to try THAT for the first time!

The layout was created from Designs by Anita's A New Morning kit, now available at 2LP and MS!

More stories and scrapbook pages from our experience in Lebanon to come. When I have time, that is. LOL! We're going back to Bangkok very soon, though. Right now I'm taking pictures like crazy!

Don't forget to visit Anita's blog for her RAK! :)


PaMam said...

Wowwww.... Congratulations for joining CT team of Anita ja. I always love her kits. Glad to see your LO more work from her kit.

And I'm so jeolous that you have touched a real snow. I'd love to..may be one day. Neill look so happy and excited your LO is always fabulous. I just start to love double page.

Hugs and kisssssssssssssss.

iNg said...

congratulations on joining anita's ct. you deserve it girl. your layouts are gorgeous.
take care :)

PaMam said...

Wish you have a safe trip back home.

See you then.