Saturday, May 22, 2010

Let's take a Trail to the Past and have some Outdoor Fun!

A little personal note from me:

I'd like to say thanks to all friends in the scrapbooking community who (after noticing that I've been scrapping like a maniac lately..LOL) saw the news about Thailand and asked through forums, PM, facebook messages, etc., if I and my family are safe from the violent situation. I'm touched by your concern. Thank you so much. :)

Where we live is quite far from all the actions and for the most part it doesn't really affect us. But emotionally it's taking its toll on everyone. Even Neill's school is closed until further notice. I've actually been avoiding the news and talking about it, for it could be so sad and depressing beyond words. That's why I'd rather stay in my little world, and scrap. I just want to escape.

Anyway, we are hoping that it will be over soon and we can get a chance to put our lives back on track. Please keep your fingers crossed for us! :)

* * * * *

We took a whole lot of pictures from during our stay in Lebanon and I've always looked for a chance to use them in layouts. So I think you can understand why I screamed out loud when I saw Anita's latest kit, Outdoor Fun (available at 2LP and MScraps and now on sale for 25% off!) The kit is perfect for all outdoor activities and still "quiet" enough to scrap scenery and let the pictures shine. I just love it.

Another Anita's product coming out at the same time is Cracked Masks, a set of 6 masks with cracks and teared edges. Love the grungy feeling they give the page!

I use both products for this double pager with our photos from a trip to Baalbek, a World Heritage site in Lebanon. The page is called "Trail to the Past". (Please click on images for bigger view.)

Journaling reads:
Baalbek, Lebanon - The Baalbek museum was housed in a large vaulted tunnel. It is very well designed and full of replicas and real artifacts found among the ruins. What I like the most was actually the delicate drawings of all architectural designs. These are some of them.

Journaling reads:
It was hot and sunny that morning the day we visited Baalbek - the ancient World Heritage site in Lebanon. But then as soon as we arrived, it rained.We were totally unprepared for the coldness and the rain made it hard to take photos, but we decided to brave the weather. And we weren't disappointed in the least.
These 20m. tall granite Roman columns have been standing through wars and earthquakes since the first century B.C. The sheer size of them is intimidating enough. However, the most astonishing thing about the whole Roman temple ruins is the determination and engineering ingenuity of those ancient builders.
It was such a memorable and humbling experience for all, especially for Neill and Michael who looked just like tiny ants comparing to the gigantic Roman pillars!

* * * * *

Before I wrap this up, just want to let you know that there's a Scraplift Challenge going on at Digital Scrap Cafe's forum hosted by Brooke. She chose my layout "A Gentleman's Game" as the subject to lift. Please visit the thread and play with us. I can't wait to see what you can do with the page! :)


PaMam said...

Yes, we all have to cross fingers for our country.

The more you scrap the better LO for your page. And you what .. you are my inspiration for digi scrap world.

P.S. My kids will going to school tomorrow morning ja.

Zibr1 said...

I will cross all my fingers hoping the situation will go better in Thailand !
Your LOs are gorgeous as usual ! Hugs !

Madeline said...

Hi Pom,
Thanks for visiting my blog:)Hoping the situation will go better in Thailand.Nice Blog and pages are Beautiful...Happy Thursday!